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September 27, 2017

Clarifying letter to Lou

September 23, 2017

Working in the fall term

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I am currently working for Oxford Learning in north Richmond Hill. I tutor students in mathematics and physics up to and including the grade 12 level. I also teach privately one-on-one a student from Durham College in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Currently, I am still seeking other students.

September 13, 2017

perspective, limits

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It’s important to have a perspective on things. Try not to forget how far you’ve come.

You can help people in more ways than the more obvious. Just keeping someone company or keeping someone’s mood buoyed up can be a great help to them.

You have got to keep healthy and keep those you love healthy too.

It’s a hard thing to admit sometimes, but you have to realize you have limitations. But that is the same for everyone. Those around you who are close to you realize you have limitations. But you have to tell people when your limits are reached. They will understand and respect your limits.

It’s very important to stay organized especially with much more to do.

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