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May 19, 2020

An extended space

Filed under: knots,Mathematics — Rob @ 1:36 pm

I use the term ‘location’ the same concept of location yet applied to a second level. Then I can’t use the word location for it. For location is the where of an object but ‘location’ is the where of a location.

An extended space continued

Filed under: knots,Mathematics — Rob @ 1:35 pm

As a rethink of this, maybe we can mathematically model a real world piece of string and move one of the locations of the doublets through placement space. Later it might be possible to have a physics where an object is defined in placement space. Then two objects might be able to occupy the same placement. They wouldn’t have the same location.

For the purposes of this demonstration then we may think of the real world knot as staying still in usual space and the doubled locations moving through placement space.

An extended space, continued

Filed under: knots,Mathematics — Rob @ 1:33 pm

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