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December 21, 2017

Linking material 1

Filed under: clarification of demonstration,knots — Rob @ 8:33 pm
  1.  I can duplicate a point in the plane.
  2.  If I have a plane of locations, I can’t move a location to another place.
  3.  Consider a plane of locations of locations co-existing with the plane of locations
  4.  Then I can move one copy of the location into the second plane where it joins with the location that is already there. (We can keep the rest of the locations still).
  5.  Then each point of the plane has a location and the location of the location of it’s duplicated point
  6.  Suppose we have a set of connected locations which form a loop in 3-space. We can move from the plane to 3-space.
  7.  Then we can imagine transforming to the second level and twisting the loop so that the loop joins itself in the centre. We have the location from the still locations in 3-space and the two moving locations joining at the centre.

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