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January 27, 2010

More changes

Filed under: Tutoring,tutoring history — Rob @ 8:03 pm

I am working on the demonstration of the online classroom. I used a screen capturing software program and ran an online class to show how it works. Their is no audio, but I think its not a bad recording. I just have to edit it and then put it on the website.

I added links to some of the material in the blog from the other pages of the website. I think this gives more access to some of the relevant material.

I read that it is good to provide useful information in blogs so added some examples of limits as well as some typical tutoring invoices so the customers know what to expect they will be charged for sessions.

January 20, 2010

Two new students

Filed under: student updates,Tutoring — Rob @ 9:45 pm

I have two new students. One is studying probability and statistics at Queen’s University. The other is a grade 10 student in Aurora.

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