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April 15, 2023

More Daily Insights

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April 14, 2023

Further Daily Insights

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Lake Wilcox Park

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Here are Angela and myself at the park last year.

April 10, 2023

Introduction to the completion of mathematics

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In concept sharing we can state that there can be any number of concepts sharing a concept of concept space. Yet this can be specified before hand or it can be allowed to be two different numbers. This is because there is no way of telling from the outside, how many concepts are actually present. Unless we are told or told that there are more than one number and told these numbers.

If there are two numbers of concepts of concepts we can have an equivalence of numbers. Given a number of number of numbers. (2).

In this sense the “false” equations of mathematics ie. 1=2, 3=5, etc. have a solution using concept sharing.

What if I could show that the step by step way of understanding math must always be subjected to more steps? This would then change all math! There would be a need for a new “foundation”.

Then the way of understanding math would have to change. It could be understood as connected ideas, not dependent on absolute reduction.

This would then be a better, more complete way to understand it. This could still be precise, just taking into account all the other levels.

April 9, 2023

This semester

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I am seeing three students of my own this semester. A grade 5 student for Math and English, with my wife Angela. Also, I am seeing his brother, a grade 11 student who is taking calculus ahead of time. I saw him last year for grade 11 and grade 12 Math also for grade 10 English, Civics and Religion. He is doing very well.

I also see in person a student in person and online who is taking grade 10 math. I helped prepare him for this semester, one semester back. He is getting 90% in Math now. The plan is to see him in the summer months for both Math and English.

I have two students through Brainiacs Online, a grade 9 student and a grade 12 student. I am preparing the grade 12 student for Advanced Functions and also Calculus and Vectors for next semester.

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