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December 16, 2022

General Concept Sharing

Filed under: Concept Sharing,general concept sharing — Rob burchett @ 2:41 am

Are there concepts, beyond mathematical concepts, which we can apply concept sharing to? For some people who do not enjoy or feel their is an importance to math this could then have some interest.

It seems these concepts would have to be exact, like math concepts are exact.


Right away then I thought, what about death? Certainly this should interest us all, as we seem to be finite beings. But what if we thought of death as a concept?

Then it can be thought of as a nothingness. But using math I have shown there to be a type of life in nothingness!

So then I have some good news for those who think that death may be the end.

If two “points” can be hidden as one, (uncovering a new level as seen in math concept sharing-this then is the death of death) then we may have more than one death which implies more than one life.

Then the goal would seem to be aware of this cycle.

So now there is proof of life after death to go along with the faith.


Since life is the opposite to death, then we can define life as consisting of a fullness, as we consider death to be an emptiness.

But with the understanding that one may live many lives-from the emptiness of death giving more than one death-we may have a type of fullness existing over many lifetimes. Thus it is not necessary to experience as much as possible in only one life! With many lives available to us, there are many more possibilities.


Since there is more than one life, there needs to be a management. Hence a higher being.

Accidents, Illness…

Some might say what then about accidents and illnesses. But it can be thought that these are all a part of God’s plan. That these all have a purpose to help man to avoid future accidents with more safety and help people to live longer, fuller lives if we can overcome our illnesses.

The right way to live:

To do good in the world. To help mankind, would seem the right way to live.

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