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December 11, 2022


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Hi, my name is Rob Burchett. I’ve been tutoring Math and Physics for over ten years in York Region and Toronto. I can tutor in-person or online. You can find some information in regards to my tutoring at the left under categories: Tutoring.

I apologize for the current construction going on at my website, soon I hope to have it back to normal. I have been tutoring continuously and have not had a long break. My website was attacked by malware and 5 years of data was lost. I’m working to put some of it back at the current time.

I’ve had success tutoring many students over the years. I also work on creating my own math some of which I have posted to this blog under the category, Concept sharing, math concept sharing and also under the category, Mathematics.

This is work of a basic nature, you do not need a degree from University to understand it. Incredibly, I hope to one day change grade 11 Mathematics, to make it much better!

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