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May 1, 2016

Deciding to add some notes

Below I have entered four pages of notes. I will add explanation to the diagrams over the next little while. Firstly, I will explain the notes using text and then I will add in the symbolism after that.

It has been seen from the idea of concept sharing that a place can have a place of places. So two places can have two places of places too. Then it should be possible to switch the two places and move in space. We need to be able to “move” as places.

Then instead of us actually being places we need to create a space we can climb into which acts like a point from the outside. Thus we need to find a way of turning a sphere into a point, on the outside. The first step then could be to find a way to do this two-dimensionally, that is find a way to map a circle to a point.

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