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March 29, 2009

Online demo

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I just finished doing an online demo with my Dad. It worked out great! The back and forth writing process works quite well. There is a little delay, but it is quite manageable. The conference call feature worked really well, I’ll use that when I try to make a recording with students.(after I get their permission). But this recording with my Dad shows pretty much everything I’m doing. I’ll edit it and put it up on my website today(hopefully). But there should be no problem to do that. Then potential students and parents will be able to see more clearly what I’m trying to do.

Now I think I should turn my attention to advertising.

March 28, 2009

Ready to make new demo

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I took the new tablet over to my Dad’s and hooked it up okay to his xp system. Tommorrow at 10 I’ll try to make a demonstration that I can post to the website so that the potential students can see how the process of writing back and forth works.

I am impressed with this little tablet. It works really well on both my vista and my Dad’s xp. The smaller writing area does not seem to handicap it for what my purpose is and getting one with less area saved me about 25 dollars on the purchase price. I’m  glad I found this place in Markham that stocks these tablets.

March 27, 2009

Second Tablet

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I received the second tablet, and tested it on my vista system. It works very well and I am quite pleased with it. The smaller writing area doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem.

I’ll take it over to my Dad’s tommorrow and see if I can get it to work on his xp system. Then on Sunday I’ll try and make a demonstration with him that I can put on the website. That will show how the back and forth writing will work to any potential students. I think that will definitely improve my advertising.

March 25, 2009

Changes, some updates and the second tablet

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Well I decided to buy a second tablet. This time I ordered it from a company in Markham, so I don’t get hit with the customs charge. It is a different make than the one I’ve already got. This one has a smaller writing area, but I don’t think it will be such a problem. I got it with taxes and shipping and handling included for about 80 dollars. The company requires three days to ship the tablet though so I am waiting for a tracking number tonight. I’m hoping it won’t take long to get to me.

I’d like to try it out on my Dad’s system. But if it doesn’t get here by Friday night, I’m going to take the first one I got back over to Dad’s and set it up there. I intend to make a demonstration with him and me writing back and forth with our video, ect. so the potential student’s can at least see what I’m trying to do.

My potential grade 6 student is doing better. I had an inquiry yesterday. It seems my price for the tutoring is still very low compared to the other tutoring options available. I hope I am not pricing myself too low, with the parents thinking that the service is somehow lacking. I would like to rent the tablet to somebody relatively local, although I am gaining more confidence with it. I think I can talk someone through setting it up, I’ve copied the user manuals from the cd that came with it (in case of any trouble). Changing the battery in the pen is relatively easy to do. I’ve still got to find out the shipping rates, if the driver can be given instructions to just leave the tablet in the door it there is no one  home,,ect. I hope this new tablet works as well as the first one I got. I think it will be okay.

I finished off the discrete math questions I was doing. Four assignments. Sent those off and recieved payment almost immediately. I would like to do some more work for the same company.

March 15, 2009

New tablet works well

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I tried the new tablet on my Dad’s xp system and it worked pretty well, although I had to unplug it and plug it back into the usb port to get it to write. I used the programs that came with the driver to get the tablet to write. There are two programs which I can use. I think I would be okay talking a student throught installation on an xp, it was pretty straight forward.

I am going to wait until I get a new student to send this tablet to, then I will order the third one while it is going okay with the student. I want to see how the back and forth process will work and iron out any wrinkles. I also want to make a demonstration of the teaching process (with the student’s permission). Post that on the website and replace the old demonstration with this new one showing the improved interactivity and the fact that I am an effective teacher.

I can edit the demonstration with windows movie maker, which came with vista. I looked around the internet for a video editing program, but this one is very simple and easy to use. I don’t think I will have any problem with it.

March 14, 2009

New tablet

Filed under: business improvements,Tutoring — Rob @ 7:07 am

My new writing tablet arrived yesterday. I carefully read the instructions and then installed the driver and plugged the unit in. That seemed to go okay. I had some difficulty installing the battery into the pen. I was very careful with it as I’ve had to replace a pen already for my older tablet and it is not cheap to do this.

Anyway, I got it to work okay. It is really a good unit and works great with windows vista. I am hoping it will work equally well with xp. I am going to my Dad’s place today to try it out on his xp system.

What I’ll try is first getting it to work. Probably I’ll have to use one of the writing programs that came with the driver. Then I’ll try running his webcam and the tablet at the same time and see if the writing is slowed down or not. This is how I expect my students would like to run it so I could see their video image at the same time as they are writing. I expect most students will have a web cam of some sort. They are only about $30 now.

I altered the site to reflect the fact that I am now able to ship the student a tablet. I think renting it out at $5 an hour is fair.

If it works well at my Dad’s I should order another one as soon as possible. This one took ten days to get to me from Washington state in the U.S.

March 12, 2009

Ongoing changes

Filed under: business improvements,Tutoring — Rob @ 6:30 pm

My new writing tablet is in Windsor. It should be here in a day or two. I used the ups website to track it and this time I got a good response. Once I have it I’ll test it on my system-window’s vista and then test it on my Dad’s windows xp. I might also test it on my friend’s system. He has a macintosh. This tablet is suppose to work on all three. I anticipate a student could have any one of these operating systems.

Once I have it tested, I have to wait until the money I sent to my paypal account arrives there from my bank account and then I will order a second tablet- hopefully from the same place. This whole process is very slow though. I anticipate having two tablets to offer to two new students by the end of March.

I just got hired to answer some discrete math questions. I will be working on those for a few hours I’m sure, but their not due to the 25th of March so I have a lot of time to work on them.

March 7, 2009

Ongoing changes to online tutoring business

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Well I still haven’t heard from the potential student in grade 6. They were going to wait until the report card came, hopefully he did well and doesn’t need my help. But I have a little experience with the younger crowd and it might work out okay if the parent calls me for help.

Still waiting on the tablet I ordered. I’ll have to test it on my system and then I can test it next Saturday on my Dad’s windows xp system. I am assuming some of my potential customers are still running with xp. It still seems to be around a lot still.

I am going to be busy next week with other projects so I won’t have much time to devote to the business. But that’s okay I only plan to test the new tablet, update the website and order another tablet from the same company on ebay, if this one is good enough. I anticipate more interest in the service once I can give the student an opportunity to write back to me.

March 6, 2009

Online Tutoring Improvements

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I am waiting for Monday or Tuesday when my new writing tablet should arrive. I am planning on sending this to my next student so he/she is enabled to write back to me. This will make the system a whole lot better. Most students benefit greatly when they are actually doing the problems, and I will be able to see where they are making mistakes.

 I put another video clip on my services page showing the different options for online tutoring. It’s a bit rough, but I think it get’s the point accross that my tutoring system has the benefit of video, audio and all the interactive teaching that any student could ask for.

I tried to track where the tablet is. I am shipping by ups they gave me a tracking number, but I couldn’t get any information on this after a frustrating 15 minutes on their website. I think I will just be patient. When this tablet arrives I will test it to see how it functions. I will test it on a windows xp system as well to see how well it works on that. I am running vista which seems to have a program which recognizes tablets. For the xp, I think I will have to load the software which comes with it. This tablet should be good though, I looked at a few reviews of it on the internet and it seems like it will behave as I want it to.

I may have a grade six student, if so I’ll have to give them this tablet and order another one right away so I have another one when I get more business.

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