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April 19, 2009

combination of new and old software

Filed under: business improvements,Tutoring — Rob @ 2:01 pm

I just recorded, edited and posted a new demonstration on the website. I think I’m going to stick to the old software I was using before, but use the whiteboard feature of the new software that I found recently. I have to do one more run through with my dad to see if I can set it up as good as possible for my next student.

Then I think that will be it for improving the interactivity. I think I’ve got it about as good as I can get it. The further improvements will come as I’m moving along with students.

April 12, 2009

Whiteboard added

Filed under: business improvements,Tutoring — Rob @ 7:15 pm

I just added the whiteboard demonstration to my services page. The demonstration is not bad, but I will replace it with a better one once I have one. I have to see how the student will write back to me yet. I’m hoping to see that soon.

April 10, 2009

Ongoing changes

Filed under: business improvements,Tutoring — Rob @ 12:22 pm

I just purchased some new software which should really improve the interactivity. It has a whiteboard which contains all kinds of writing tools like drawing lines, an eraser, drawing circles, drawing rectangles. You can add text or mathematical symbols. It has a pointer feature and a highlighter. As well I can screen capture also, so I can still use my graphing program to display graphs and I can still display the contents of electronic books. It captures and displays the video of both teacher and student in a much easier fashion than I had previously. Additionally, both student and teacher can write in the same area.

I tried it out with my Dad before buying it and I will make a demo with him which I can display through the website in a couple of days.

I’m thinking of asking for a 50 dollar refundable deposit on the tablets. Once I get the tablet back, I will send back the cheque. I think that is reasonable to ask for. They are worth about that much.

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