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May 21, 2009

Demonstration added to webpage

Filed under: business improvements,Tutoring — Rob @ 3:16 pm

I just added the recording of the class I did with my new student to my webpage. I think I only need one good demonstration so that the potential students can see how the teaching process works. It replaces the demo I did with my Dad. It fits really well on my services page and I think this will help me attract more students. I think it is a good improvement to the website. It shows exactly what the student would be going through while being taught.

May 20, 2009

New Student from Belgium

Filed under: student updates,Tutoring — Rob @ 2:08 pm

I Just had three successful online tutoring sessions with a student from Belgium. He is a Canadian taking an online course and needs some extra help with grade 11 math.

At first I used the online chat feature of the software I am using to communicate. We then tried to connect with audio, but it turned out his bandwidth was too small. He changed from wireless and that seemed to solve the audio problem. Now we are communicating in audio, I am using the whiteboard to write to him. He has tried writing to me with his mouse, and it works okay-but I suggested he might get a tablet so that he could write to me more easily.

I like being able to display files using the whiteboard one of the supported files is pdf, which is quite common I suppose. My scanner will save a document in this format so it makes it more useful to me.

The teaching is going well I think he is able to understand what I am explaining to him and the time seems to go by fast for both of us. I will see him online again on Wednesday May 27th.

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