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June 29, 2009

Web site improved

Filed under: business improvements,Tutoring — Rob @ 4:37 pm

I made several improvements to the web site. I took a look around at what the other companies were doing and used a common sense approach. I improved the blog as much as I could making it better organized and making it easier for people to leave comments. I took feedback from a few people. I think I’m set up okay now for feedback, which I find really helpful to improve things.

I think now I can leave the site the way it is. It will need to be managed, but I don’t think I have to concentrate on it anymore.

I think I will turn my attention to advertising.

Belgium student update

Filed under: student updates,Tutoring — Rob @ 10:53 am

It is going well with my student from Belgium. He is getting 92% now!

In order to improve the audio we removed the video component. Now we can communicate much better.

June 7, 2009

Next steps for the business

Filed under: business improvements,Tutoring — Rob @ 11:34 am

Thinking about all the possible things I could do next, I realized that improving the web site was where I should be putting my efforts. For, if I advertise locally or globally the potential student still has to go to the site to decide if they want to contact me about the service.

I’ve improved the tutoring system to where it is now. Any further improvements will come through feedback from my students.

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