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January 15, 2008

Online Tutoring Article

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The value of online tutoring can be broken down into a couple of different areas.  First and foremost is the convenience factor of online tutoring.  Online tutoring gives the student complete flexibility in when and where they receive their tutoring in whatever subject they might need help in.  For example, if I am a student and need calculus tutoring or earth science tutoring, I can contact an online tutoring company and schedule a session for the evening or the weekend hours.  It really does allow for complete flexibility.

The second reason someone would use an online tutor is for the anonymity of the process.  No one is going to sit here and tell you that tutoring is something that they want to do.  Tutoring is something that students need in order to do better in school.  Additionally, students who need tutoring do not necessarily want to have their friends and family know they need the extra help.  This is another area where online tutoring can be of value.  With online tutoring, you can get that extra help without anyone ever knowing it.  If you are an AP Calculus student, you can get the help you need and no one will ever be the wiser.  It truly is a valuable service from that aspect.

Another reason is that online tutoring is usually much more economical than traditional tutors in your hometown or city.  Typically, tutoring will run you anywhere from $45.00 to $60.00 per hour (on average).  In contrast, online tutoring will run usually just over $20.00 per hour.  For example, if I am a student who needs help in chemistry, and I know that I can get the help in chemistry for just $20.00, it might be worth it to me to schedule a session for that subject.

Certification and qualifications are also important factors when considering a tutor.  For instance, let’s imagine that you need an online chemistry tutor.  If you are a parent, or even if you are a student, it is a difficult decision to make whether or not the tutor you are considering paying for has the expertise to tutor chemistry concepts.  You have to ask yourself the question, “how do I know that this tutor is actually good at teaching me chemistry?”  It is a tough question and most people end up paying for someone who is not really that good at teaching.  In contrast, online tutoring companies and the tutors that work for them are usually certified in the subjects they teach.  Good online tutoring companies always make sure that their online tutors are trained and certified before they are ever allowed to teach.

Safety is always a big concern when dealing with service based businesses.  Online tutoring is no different, and a good online tutoring company will make sure that each tutor receives a background check before they are ever allowed to teach a subject with a given student.  Tutoring security also includes having some kind of recording capabilities to allow for each session which allows managers to make sure there are no malicious activities happening during the session with the child.

When you look at all of the factors involved, online tutoring really makes a lot of sense for students and parents alike.

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