About Me

Hi! My name is Rob Burchett and I've been tutoring mathematics, chemistry and physics in-person and online in York Region and Toronto for ten years. More recently I have also tutored English and Civics.

I Graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Metallurgy and Materials Science Engineering in 1998.

Getting much satisfaction from teaching, I am now pursuing a teaching career. I worked for two years for Oxford Learning in Newmarket, Ontario.

While working there I discovered I have a natural talent for teaching math and science from grades 6 to 12.

I've instructed students at the elementary and secondary levels. As well I've had success teaching adult students, graduating from Seneca college with a certificate in adult education. Below are some useful links including my degree from the University of Toronto and my Adult education certificate from Seneca college:

Degree from the University of Toronto

Adult education certificate from Seneca College

letter of recommendation from Oxford Learning

list of frequently asked questions

police vulnerable sector check

About My Service

Starting my service as an online system to tutor calculus-hence the name "Calc"tutor, it has changed over the years. Graduating from university quite a while ago, I retaught myself the high school curriculum in math and science and then volunteered as a tutor for a while before doing it as paid work.

I have worked for a few tutoring companies including two years at Oxford Learning and one year at Grade Learning.

Having done this type of work for so long, I know the tutoring process well. I took on the challenge of starting my own company and have grown over the years into the best service I could be.

My blog, in the news and updates tag, shows how my business has grown and the success I have had with many students.

I also use my blog to post work I am doing on some mathematics I created. I have had help with this from prof. Kunio Murasugi from the University of Toronto and more recently some wonderful assistance from prof. Lou Kauffman from the University of Chicago. Jeff Weeks from Geometry Games was also very helpful. Earlier on I also received some correspondence from prof. Joan Birman of Columbia University.

I also take the opportunity to use my blog to post some art work I have done and also post some spiritual work.

I have a lot of experience tutoring in person. I tutor in person in a library setting or at your home. However, in situations where in-person tutoring is not possible or desired, online instruction can work very well. Recent advances in online meeting software have made it possible that online tutoring can work even better than in person. A student and a tutor can collaborate better and the power of the internet for seaches is available as well.

Currently I am looking to tutor students from grades 6-12 inclusive in Math, Science or English or adult students in those subjects.

Realizing current technology could enable online tutoring, I use interactive online methods and have experienced great success complementing face-to-face instruction with online instruction. Face-to-face and online I have instructed over fifty students

How to get started

Usually parents of elementary or secondary school students or adult learners will contact me by text message, phone or email.

Price is discussed. I have listed what I usually charge in the pricing tab. I would like to know what the student is currently studying and if there are any tests coming up in the near future. I will try to see you as soon as possible.

Any further information I can provide at this time such as references from parents, students, etc., I will be happy to provide.

Plans are all worked out on an individual basis in consideration of the curriculum and immediate student needs.

Contact me today to get started