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January 6, 2008

Email Tutoring

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When people think of additional school help for their child who is
struggling in math, they usually think of one-on-one private tutoring.
Private tutoring is a great way to get help for your struggling
child. The knowledge that a tutor brings to the table is not so important
as his ability to relate well to your child and to identify with
their source of difficulty. Even though private tutoring is the
way parents think they need to go, there are alternatives
such as email tutoring that can be a welcome help to your child.
The omnipresence of the computer and with online internet
service as ubiquitous as the telephone, email tutoring is
something that has come of age. Combine email tutoring
with the telephone, and you can now become a virtual tutor
capable of working with anyone across the country. Effective
email tutoring is the result of clearly defined questions
responded to with easy-to-understand answers. Critical to
effective email tutoring is a tutor with very strong written
communication skills. This is one area which I have worked hard
on throughout the years, and I attribute a lot of my success in
tutoring students—whether in person, on the telephone,
or via email—to my strong written and verbal communication skills.

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