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August 19, 2009

New student from Toronto

Filed under: student updates,Tutoring — Rob @ 1:39 pm

It looks like I may have an adult student from Toronto. He is interested in taking engineering in university but needs to learn calculus, physics and some civil engineering. He has sent me two electronic books on calculus and I selected the best one for us to be working from. I suggested he go through the first chapter and attempt some of the problems on functions, before I teach him about limits and  the derivative.

He has a lot of the equipment he will need already including a writing pad and a scanner. So I think we will have no problem communicating. I am looking forward to meeting him online.

He had no problem with my charging for offline work.  I think this is a good way to work. He sends me his attempt at some problems, then I work on them offline, then we meet online and I address his concerns. This way he will learn more if he makes an attempt at the problems, rather than me going over the solutions.

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