Testimonials from my students

I would just like to extend my sincerest gratitude for helping me on such short notice, it definitely made all the difference. - Jeff

I’m glad you’re here. This is the hardest math I have ever seen. - Nick

How did you do that?? (When showed the solution to a problem) I could never do that ! - M. Wismer

Yes, you have been a great help. More than you know. - Laura B.

Rob, thank you for all your efforts tutoring Brian these last several months. We appreciate all your help! Many Thanks! - Dillys, John and Brian B.

I’m now teaching my friends what you taught me. I’m getting 95% on tests! - M.Bastian

I showed my teacher what you wrote. She went back to her notes and apologized to the class for showing us the wrong method - Amanda

My teacher is always away. I can never see her when I need to. You are always here to help me out. - Mike B.

You break things down and explain things really well. I have had other tutors-but not as good, you are easy to talk to and the time goes by quickly. - Michael T.

You, You're Good! - Daniel

You’re really good at explaining things - S. Mashmeyer

He really knows his stuff! (talking to another student) - Bret F.

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